Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social responsibility is very important to Seeds of Law

We strive to maintain the best possible balance between the pillars People, Planet and Profit every day.

Self-reflection and accurate adjustment are part of our policy.

We aim to give the best of ourselves to our firm, our associates, our clients, our suppliers and society, and in doing so we are happy to be open to all possible positive suggestions.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Seeds of Law


Diversity and inclusion

Seeds of Law is proud of the diversity within its team. We have come together to form a diverse and multicultural team. We consist of as many men as women, all from different backgrounds, and no less than 9 languages are spoken within our office! 

The most important value for Seeds of Law, when it comes to our team, is inclusion in the workplace.  This implies fairness and equality. Therefore, we continue to work to maintain, nurture and grow diversity, cultural equality and gender equity, which is the basis for the strong cohesion within our team.

Seeds of Law fosters an open and tolerant culture: a work environment that allows all to feel valued and to thrive, while maintaining a delicate work-life balance. 

The pleasure of investing in our people

Our team is continuously motivated through constant training and mentorship, but is also trusted to independently determine their working hours and work in one of our three offices or from home however suits them best. Here, of course, the obligations and sensibilities of the office are taken into account.

We offer our employees a pleasant working environment. Our offices have many windows and glass partition walls and are equipped for a maximum of 2 to 3 colleagues. This creates a quiet working atmosphere on the one hand, but also creates a feeling of open space. To make our workplaces healthier and even more pleasant, all offices are decorated with plants.

Seeds of Law is dynamic! Team building, New Year's lunch, Summer party, afterwork drinks, birthday parties, ... are definitely part of who we are. Seasonal treats (Easter, Saint Nicholas,...) are also annual traditions.

Trust, respect and integrity

Other core values for Seeds of Law are: trust, respect and integrity. These values undoubtedly form the common thread in our daily internal and external operations. Respect for the ethics and morals of our customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues are at the foundation of all our actions.



Environmental footprint

It was obvious that sustainable and socially responsible business is in Seeds of Law's DNA even at the firm's inception.

The location of the office was deliberately sought in the center of Brussels with proximity to public transportation as a primary requirement. Collaborators and clients can easily reach us by bus, metro or train. As such, we contribute our part to solving the ever-increasing mobility problem and improve our ecological footprint by reducing CO2 emissions.

When choosing the office space, the importance of considerable natural light was also taken into account. This ensures greater vitality and concentration among our employees on the one hand. Moreover, it has a positive impact on our office's energy consumption.

Our offices are also individually equipped with light switches. Offices or rooms that are not in use are therefore not lit unnecessarily.

The offices subsequently opened in Ghent and Antwerp also meet these conditions.

From day one, Seeds of Law also ensured - thanks to the integration of a wide range of technological tools - that work is virtually paperless. 

Keeping pace with technological development allows us to work smoothly and efficiently wherever we are, at home or in the office. Document processing, e-mail storage, know-how management, document signing, invoicing... are all done electronically. This not only ensures a significant reduction in paper consumption but also optimises our efficiency and response time and allows us to anticipate tomorrow's needs and requirements.

Our office's tap water is purified with a Berkey filtration system. This allows our associates to drink fresh, clean water without the use of plastic or glass bottles. We also provide each person with their own drinking bottle and coffee mug, which completely eliminates plastic cups from the office.

Associates are encouraged to bring their lunch in reusable materials. If waste does occur, it is sorted with due consideration.

Seeds of Law chooses to offer end-of-year gifts through local merchants, and supports Make-a-Wish through seasonal treats (Easter, St. Nicholas, etc.).

ESG - Seeds of Law


Seeds of Law's civic engagement flows naturally from who we are and what we, collectively with our team, stand for. We support organizations that provide support and guidance to social groups that, for whatever reason, are struggling in our modern society. It is important that the values, standards and vision of these organizations match those of Seeds of Law.

Make-A-Wish Belgium can count on our pro bono legal services, and we are delighted to support Maggie Program and DIApositive.