Employment Law

Our employment law team provides highly specialized, practical advice and assistance with Employment Law matters, and represents clients in all kinds of employment disputes. 

1. Employment and Industrial Relations Law

1.1 Industrial Relations Law

  • Implementation and negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements 
  • Assistance with the organisation and function of personnel representation bodies 
  • Social Elections 
  • Collective Dismissal and closure of enterprises: compliance with procedures, budget estimates, and the negotiation and development of social plans
  • Labour issues related to mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of companies
  • Employee representation / Social dialogue
  • Etc.
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1.2 Employment Law 

  • Employment contracts
  • Workers' rules and regulations
  • Dismissals and termination of contracts
  • Non-Compete 
  • Appointment and resignation of directors 
  • Bonus plans and employee share purchase plans
  • Services Agreements
  • Outsourcing
  • Labour issues relating to mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of companies
  • International assignments: work permits and secondment documents
  • Well-being at work

In this area of law, it is very important to receive day-to-day practical and tactical advice.

2. Social Security Law

  • Social Audit
  • National regulations on social security contributions
  • Implementation of European regulations
  • Bilateral social security treaties
  • Group life insurance policies

3. Global Mobility

  • Business migration

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