Ulrike Beuselinck


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Real Estate, Renting and Co-ownership - Construction Law - Property Law

Ulrike Beuselinck graduated in 2010 with distinction as Master of Law at the University of Brussels. During her legal education she focused on public law and wrote her master’s thesis on the Superior Counsel of Enforcement Policy (competent in spatial planning).

Since September 2010 Ulrike Beuselinck is member of the bar of Brussels and was an associate at the Orys Law Firm for several years. Ulrike is specialised in  real estate law in general, property law (building lease rights, easements, common wall, joint ownership, etc.) and construction law in the private and public sector in particular.

She is also an expert in tenancy law, concerning common rental law, residential rental as well as commercial lease and lease. She is also responsible for all files concerning liability law and insurance law.

Since 2019 she is docent Rental law for the real estate experts in formation at Syntra Brussels.