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Victoria of Seeds of Law

Our virtual associate and spokesperson

Victoria of Seeds of Law

Our virtual associate and spokesperson

Always my sympathetic self in a connecting role

Victoria is our virtual associate and spokesperson. She is 27 years old, perfectly multilingual and an attorney. Our redhead associate is beautiful, irresistible, and sometimes stubborn and even unbearable, just like us.

Victoria from Seeds of Law

Like all our team members, Victoria is committed to our clients.  She wishes nothing less than accompanying them as good as possible, in order to enable them to focus on what is the essence of their activities. 

When you subscribe to our newsletter, she is the one that will guide you through all relevant novelties and the most important items. She will probably do that with a hint of humor. We love her, we hope you do too!


Meet the Maker

The character of Victoria has been created bij Seeds of law in collaboration with Atelier Aimbè, who has given her form.

Marc Bourguignon

Marc Bourguignon (alias Aimbé) was born in Momignies, a small border village in the beautiful region of Chimay, famous for its beers and cheeses... and for its very nice inhabitants. Fan of comic strips since he was a child and preferring his drawing pencils to football, it was at the age of 7 years and three months that he swore he would one day be a cartoonist... a few years later, he finished his studies of illustration and comic strips at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liège.  Today he has the pleasure to combine work and passion with his freelance project: "Atelier Aimbé".