An important extension of services: Seeds of Law joins forces with Recyprocity

Victoria of Seeds of Law Victoria of Seeds of Law

It is with great pleasure to announce that Seeds of Law joins forces with a new spin-off named Recyprocity. 

Recyprocity stands for sustainability as sustainability can no longer be excluded. 

Recyprocity's mission is to use its expertise to assist entrepreneurs and companies within the framework of their sustainable development goals. 

More than ever, we are aware of the positive impact that a sustainable development approach has on business and the business world in general. This awareness is becoming more acute due to the dynamics of government regulation and the rapid evolution of taxonomy. 

Many companies are wondering how to build in sustainability (compliance), both in terms of governance, labour relations, access to finance and social and environmental responsibility. 

They know that sustainable business is the same as profitable business. 

Recyprocity is committed to responding to its current or future clients on these points and to assisting them making sustainable business easy, enjoyable and profitable. 

We invite you to take a look at the recyprocity website to see what expertise it can offer you. 

Since you are a subscriber to the Seeds of Law newsletter, you are also receiving the recyprocity newsletter, which will be launched, free of charge. But don't worry, you can unsubscribe at any time. 

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Leo Peeters

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