Ann Vranken

Jurist & Head of Marketing

Pragmatic and result-oriented

Ann Vranken is involved in the professional know-how management of our law firm and in the external communication and marketing.

As legal counsel since 1983, Ann gave advice to the members of « Fegarbel », which is the « Royal Belgian Federation of Garage owners ».  In 1996 Ann became Secretary General of the professional organisation of garage owners, « Bond van de Garagisten Beroepsverenigingen vzw », successor of Fegarbel. She gave legal advice to its members, and was active as lobbyist with respect to the professional interest of the members. She published a practical legal and administrative handbook for the garage owners and a monthly newsletter about a great number of non-technical topics which could be of interest to the garage professional. 


Qualified in 1982 at the Antwerp University (Lic. Juris)


Ann is fluent in Dutch, French and English.