Seeds of Law supports "Maggie goes to Kakuma"


The team of Maggie program vzw left on 13 February 2020 for the UN camp in Kakuma (North-West Kenya) to build 2 Maggie shelters. Seeds of Law is very happy to contribute to this beautiful project (

These shelters will not only be used for a circular, sustainable Maggie school for hundreds of refugee children but also for a training program for local refugee teachers.

The entire project is developed by DMOA Architects. It ranges from custom design, fundraising, logistics, on-site construction, to delivery, evaluation and after-service.

For all projects, Maggie program co-operates with reliable local partners who then will use and maintain the Maggie shelter for the agreed purposes and reports back.

This time their local partner is UNHCR Kenya and the education partner TAG ( with their Innovation Lab Schools.

The Maggie shelter is an innovative infrastructure that looks like a tent but has the qualities of a sustainable and circular building with a lifespan of at least 15 years.
The Maggie shelter can be built quickly together with the local people. The double walls are filled with local materials (earth, organic material, plastic waste), giving it the characteristics of a well insulated building with a minimal footprint.
Maggies' unique qualities allow to quickly build a school in a temporary context where permanent buildings are not feasible (politically, practically, speed, ...).

The Maggie shelter was developed by DMOA architects in Leuven (

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Seeds of Law is very happy to contribute to this beautiful Maggie project.

The Maggie Team

Filling the double walls with local materials
together with the local people