Privacy Policy

Your personal data will be processed by Seeds of Law in accordance with this privacy policy. Seeds of Law is responsible for the processing of all personal data to which this privacy policy relates and may be contacted at Seeds of Law, Bastion Tower, Marsveldplein 5-5 Place du Champ de Mars, 1050 Brussels, tel. +32 2 747.40.07,,

1. How Seeds of Law protect your personal data?

Seeds of Law respects the European Law on the Protection of Personal Data (General Data Protection Regulation - RGDP), is committed to ensuring the protection of personal data and taking appropriate measures that your personal data are used correctly and in accordance with the highest standards of Data Protection Law. 

When you estime that your data are not protected properly or in case of abuse, please contact Seeds of Law by email at, or at Seeds of Law, Bastion Tower, Marsveldplein 5-5 Place du Champ de Mars, 1050 Brussels.

2. From what source does your data come from?

Your data are being processed based on your relationship with Seeds of Law. 

The date that are being processed by Seeds of Law are the following : 

data from clients and potential clients in the context of client and file management (for example, customer administration, compliance with legal formalities, processing and follow-up of files, monitoring of service offers, billing and billing, tracking payments, monitoring solvency, sending marketing materials and newsletters, and sending news and announcements of events).

Data that you provided us, i.e. via e-mailcommunication, or other channels, following the exchange of data at meetings, conferences, and events, when you subscribe to the newsletter or other communication material, when you request a download of our available documents, when you register for a seminar or an event, when you fill out a contact form on the website, when you make a request as part of our services.

The data collected by Seeds of Law may in principle be: your name (first and last name), address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, language of preference, your company and business data, RPR number, number VAT, bank account number, website and IP address, information about your activities on our website. 

To the extent necessary, or as part of the collection of personal data that is imposed on us by law, we also collect data on sex, date of birth and place of birth. 

In some cases, your data has been added to the Seeds of Law database based on information received or researched through other channels, such as publicly available search engines, industry newsletters, networks and the websites of your employer or current client. 

Seeds of Law (possibly) deals with the following particular and / or sensitive personal data in the context of the files it processes for you:

  • The data that Seeds of Law is legally required to collect under anti-money-laundering legislation;
  • The information you provide in the processing of your file such as your criminal record, facts and convictions, your financial and tax situation, information on persons under 16 and personal data from which sensitive information can be obtained as ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs), or union membership, health data, or data relating to a person's sexual behavior or sexual orientation.

Data protection authority,, Data Protection Authority, Rue de la Presse 35 Persstraat, 1000 Brussels, +32 (0)2 274 48 00,

We are continually reviewing the quality of the services it provides in order to improve your experience with Seeds of Law. We do this on base of our legitime interests.

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