Our strengths ...

Helping businesses start up, and providing support during their operation, is our mission.

Because this allows us to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

What does this entail in practical terms?

Setting up a brand new business or a branch and/or re-structuring, taking over or selling a company, the funding required for this, contracts tailor-made to your business, negotiation of these, if necessary, a win-win situation for all parties is always important, purchasing and selling real estate, perhaps with the appropriate real estate planning, employing personnel, attracting expats, and proper management of social matters, managing all of your intellectual property rights, so you need not worry about that either.

Domestic and foreign entrepreneurs use our services.

And then if a problem does arise, we will do our utmost to assist you, initially via legal mediation and if that fails, we will be happy to defend you in court or arbitration proceedings.

We make a point of fully familiarising ourselves with your company and sector, which allows us to strategically think together.

And we do all of this in Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Arabic.