Faster settlement in case of undisputed debts collection in B2B

News Recently, the recovery of unpaid and uncontested invoices between companies has become faster and cheaper. This is good news for many companies suffering a large number of overdue payments.

The procedure adopted in this context has become a purely administrative procedure that is merely applicable between companies with a business entity number regarding recoveries resulting from business activities, so called B2B. 

Creditors may invoke this procedure to obtain an enforceable title within a short time and without court intervention.

However, the condition is that the invoice in question is not disputed by the debtor.

Firstly the lawyer assesses whether an invoice is considered an undisputed debt and therefore eligible for this procedure. Then the lawyer can entrust the collection of the amount due to a bailiff.

The bailiff first means a summons for payment to the debtor.

If the debtor does not pay and does not respond to the payment order, the bailiff will draw a report of non-contestation, eight days after expiry of the period of one month, which will then be made enforceable by a Judge of the Management and Supervisory Committee.

Once this is done, the creditor has an enforceable title and the bailiff may collect the debt for him.

If you are faced with a debtor who does not pay his invoices, we can check for you if you can use this procedure to collect your debts.

We can assist you in starting and monitoring the effective collection.

In this context, our firm applies fixed rates based on the number of invoices you want to recover.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have more questions.

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Leo Peeters

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