The Walloon Government adopted recently a decree amending the decree on the residential rental contracts.

The modifications aim to improve the conditions of student rentals and the rental guarantees.

In the context of student rental agreements, the decree provides in particular 

  • to set the rental guarantee required from a student at a maximum of 2 months' rent;
  • to no longer punish the failure to provide proof of the student status by automatically applying the common law regime;
  • that the rental agreement will end, at the end of the term, without the need to give notice.

In the context of rental agreements for the main residence, the decree also provides that all rental guarantees will be increased to two months' rent, regardless of the form in which the guarantee is given, but without reducing the repayment period for the bank and the CPAS-OCMW guarantees (36 months).

The decree is scheduled to come into force on 1 June 2023. It has yet to be published in the Belgian Official Gazette.

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