Seeds of Law sponsors “DIApositief”, a project promoting diversity in the legal profession


Seeds of Law is a golden sponsor of "DIApositief", an initiative of the Dutch-speaking Bar Association of Brussels.

"DIApositief" aims to encourage diversity in our profession. Our law firm has a great deal of sympathy for this idea, and already has embraced it in practice.

This project enriches our Corporate Social Responsibility program. It adds to our two other sponsoring projects, namely Make-a-Wish Belgium Vlaanderen and Maggie Program.

The Council of the Flemish Bar Association of Brussels started from the observation that, despite the fact that Brussels is the second most diverse city in the world after Dubai, this diversity is not at all reflected in the legal profession.

Do migrants feel excluded, for whatever reason? Is the threshold too high, whether or not in the imagination of those concerned? Or worse, do certain groups of the population think that they should not participate in our constitutional state, that they should not study law, or that they are not allowed  or should not become attorneys?

Our law firm fully agrees with the Council of the Bar Association of Brussels. The Bar should manifestly reflect the sociological composition of our society. We are therefore an enthusiastic sponsor of the DIApositief program.

This program aims to raise awareness among young people with a migration background to the opportunity to study law and, by extension, to start a career in the legal profession.

DIApositief believes that Brussels is entitled to a diverse and inclusive legal profession. It is indeed not normal that certain groups are structurally absent or insufficiently present in the community of the bar. No one should feel excluded. It is beneficial for everyone that the rule of law be there for everyone and that everyone living here be able to participate in it.

As a law firm, Seeds of Law already experiences every day how wonderful diversity can be.

Seeds of Law has a multicultural, diverse and dynamic team and is proud of it. Besides the fact that a healthy mix of multiple cultures is very enriching, it also allows us to offer our services in multiple languages, such as Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Farsi and Arabic.

For more information about DIApositief, please click here.

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