No national pledge register on 1 December 2014

News The introduction of the national pledge register is postponed.

In a previous article on our website, we informed you that a bill was filed to postpone the date of the entry into force of the law of 11 July 2013 on movable securities until 1 January 2017.

The reason of this initiative is that the development of the national pledge register takes more time than originally planned. 

The earlier mentioned bill has been adopted on 20 November 2014 in the Parliament and has been submitted for Royal Assent. 

This does not mean that the law on movable securities and the national pledge register will not enter into force before 1 January 2017.  

The law offers the possibility to the King to fix an earlier date for the entry into force, the date of 1 January 2017 being only a deadline. 

We will keep you informed about this matter.

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Leo Peeters

Leo Peeters