• Leila Mstoian - Marcel Houben

Extension of the plus minus conto

Workable and flexible work

Downloads The possibility to install the "plus minus conto" system is now extended to the whole private sector.
The "plus minus conto" has been introduced by the statute of 27 December 2006: it applied to the car assembling industry in an attempt to avoid disinvestments by that industry in Belgium.

It provided for special regulations on work time allowing up to 10 hours of work per day and up to 48 hours of work per week and the reference period for calculating the average work time (maximum one calendar year) was extended to 6 years.

The possibility to install such a system is now extended to the whole private sector (companies within the scope of the statute of 5 December 1968 relating to the collective labour agreements and the joint labour-management committees), including the production industry as well as the servicing industry.

The procedure to have the system effectively applied to (part of) a sector is very cumbersome. This procedure remains entirely applicable.

That is the reason why the employers’ federations do not expect a lot of results from this innovation.