As of 27 June 2021, teleworking is no longer compulsory, but strongly recommended. Also the telework registration is no longer mandatory.

1. Telework is no longer compulsory

As of 27 June, teleworking is no longer compulsory but strongly recommended.

This means that employees may return physically to their workplaces without any restriction as to their presence on the work floor.

However, teleworking is still strongly recommended in all companies, associations and services, regardless of size, for all staff whose job function lends itself to it.

Telework must be carried out in accordance with the Belgian CBA no. 149.

The employer must still take appropriate preventive measures in order to provide a maximumlevel of protection in accordance with the regulations of the generic guide COVID-19, while of course respecting social dialogue in the company.

Appropriate measures refer to social distancing, hygiene measures, the correct use of a mouth mask, sufficient ventilation and measures during specific moments, such as breaks, arrivals and departures.

2. Telework registration also no longer mandatory from 27 June 2021

The mandatory telework registration that has been in force since 6 April 2021, is also no longer mandatory from 27 June 2021 and thus becomes redundant.

As a result, employers are no longer obliged to register every month with the NSSO the total number of employees in the company per branch unit and the number of employees performing a function that cannot be performed via telework.

The regulation which determines the return-to-office moments for employees, giving the employers the possibility since 9 June 2021 to organise work under strict conditions, also disappears.

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