IP - Data Protection Law

Intellectual Property Law (IP)

Our Intellectual Property team is dedicated to protecting your ideas.
We understand that Intellectual Property rights are some of your most valuable assets, and that your ideas provide sustainability and growth for your business.
We have extensive experience in advising on every aspect of Intellectual Property (IP) ...


Shrewd advice is our trademark

... such as 

  • IP portfolio management and strategy
  • Registration of trademarks and trade names
  • Protection of trademarks, patents, brand image, domain names, know-how, software, designs, models and other intellectual property rights from breaches and piracy
  • Copyright infringement
  • Trade secret protection and enforcement
  • Intellectual Property transactions: 
    • Drafting and negotiation of contracts, licenses and concessions (trademarks, patents, research and development, etc.)
    • Drafting of specialist contracts (for inventors, creators, models, animators, photographers, architects, etc.)
    • Rules on Employees' inventions
    • Complex IT M&A and IP Finance
  • Analysis and reduction of IP-related legal risks
  • Litigation in matters of infringement and violation of Intellectual Property rights

Data Protection Law (Privacy)

The new EU Data Protection Law (GDPR) came into force on 24 May 2016. All enterprises have to comply with this Data Protection rules.   

We advice and can act as a Data Protection Officer.


"In complete confidence"


Here are some examples of areas in which we can assist you :

  • Providing you/your personnel in-depth information on the new GDPR and the key changes
  • Mapping data flows
  • Drafting or modifying your existing (internal) data privacy policies and (external) notices
  • Advice on the (re)negotiation of existing contract with service providers (processors or sub-processors)
  • Preventative advice on the correct procedures to follow to prevent data breaches, and if necessary, advice and assistance with reporting of data breaches
  • Advising on the rights of individuals, and how to ensure and safeguard these rights within your company (access, rectification, deletion)
  • Identifying the basis for the collection of data (e.g. consent or legitimate interest, etc.) and, where necessary recommending modifications
  • Advice and counsel in cases where legal assistance is required, such as, in cases of infringement of data privacy rules (claimant or defense) 
  • Advice relating to the cross border collection and transfer of data
  • Etc.

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