Business Pack Social Compliance

All your construction sites screened for Social Dumping

Protect your business against contractors who are not compliant with the “Social Dumping” legislation...

Thanks to the Business Pack Social Compliance specifically intended for building owners and contractors

No more nasty surprises with Seeds of Law’s Business Pack Social Compliance

In your role as client or general contractor, you may have doubts about whether your contractor or sub-contractors are acting in observance of the rules and regulations on Social Dumping. This can cause a lot of problems, as it constitutes a huge risk to you and your business.

Conducting the relevant checks yourself is a very time-consuming task because of the administrative red tape and the complex laws and regulations in this area.

With Seeds of Law’s Business Pack Social Compliance you get extra certainty.  

We inspect your construction sites and screen your contractors and/or sub-contractor(s) on a regular basis to ensure they are actually compliant with the rules and regulations on Social Dumping.

This stops you from having legal and administrative nightmares about possible offences and helps you to safeguard your private assets or those of your business against any unpleasant consequences.

Find out how Seeds of Law Business Social Compliance enables you to make sure all of your construction sites are  in line with the applicable Social Dumping legislation, leaving you free to focus solely on your core activities.

We make your construction sites “Social Dumping”-proof
While you focus on your business, we keep an eye on the social compliance of your construction sites
When it comes to Social Compliance, we make sure you work with reliable sub-contractors only

As client or general contractor, our Business Pack Social Compliance means you are compliant with the legislation on Social Dumping.

We make sure that your contractors and/or sub-contractors are compliant with the Social Dumping legal framework

Our approach is pro-active and decisive.

We put in place clear arrangements with you and your contractor(s) and/or sub-contractor(s) and send out inspectors to your construction sites on a regular basis where they check all those present. On-site, we check all professional cards (work permits), Dimona and Limosa filings and certificates to make sure they are compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

You will receive  a detailed report and we will hold your contractor(s)/sub-contractor(s) to account if they are found to be negligent.

All these steps are taken in observance of defined, tried and tested procedures with set time scales.

You can rest safe in the knowledge that all your construction sites are properly monitored in terms of compliance with Social Dumping legislation.

In short, this means your worries are over.

Seeds of Law runs a multidisciplinary team with long years of experience in Social Compliance in the monitoring of construction sites.

Business Pack Social Compliance

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