Student rent in Flanders and Brussels: the answer to 25 practical questions

On Thursday 17 November 2022, Ulrike Beuselinck and Koen de Puydt will give a webinar on student rent in Flanders and Brussels.

During this webinar they will discuss a number of practical questions regarding student rent. In particular, attention will be paid to the differences in student rent between the two regions, contractual freedoms and (urban) planning restrictions in collective housing will be discussed.

The book 'Woninghuur in Vlaanderen en Brussel: uw 70 antwoorden op de meest praktische vragen' (Intersentia, March 2022) is included in the participation fee.

You can register via the following link.

For more questions about (student) rent and your rental contracts, do not hesitate to contact Seeds of Law via or +32 (0)2 747 40 07.