Art Law

Our art trade team has a passion for art and advises and litigates on any questions directly or indirectly related to art and all sorts of issues connected to the national and international art trade, art auctions and art collections.

Developed from a passion, firmly-anchored in experience

Such as : 

  • Authenticity and provenance
  • Attribution
  • Consignment, shipping and rental of art works
  • Sale and auction of art works
  • Restitution of looted art
  • Museums and art collections
  • Provisioning of art
  • Financial transactions relating to art
  • Intellectual property aspects of art

Seeds of Law is a member of the "Art Law Foundation" that aims to promote and coordinate on an international level the work and research on the most topical questions related to art and cultural heritage law.


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Leo Peeters

Leo Peeters