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Your rent arrears collected quickly and without effort

Are you faced with rent arrears? And is this a permanent concern?

Sign up to Seeds of Law’s Business Pack Lease, specifically aimed at managers of large real estate portfolios.

With Seeds of Law’s Business Pack Lease, your rental fees are collected efficiently

Are you as a manager of a real estate portfolio frequently forced to deal with tenants who fail to pay or who are late in paying their rent? This can be a real nuisance, as it results in a cumbersome administrative task and unpleasant financial implications.

With Seeds of Law’s Business Pack Lease you can rest safe in the knowledge your rental fees are getting chased.

We offer the greatest possible assurance that we are as efficient as possible to collect your rental fees. And in the event that we are unable to secure payment, we make sure your bad debtor tenant is evicted from your property as quickly as possible.

Find out how Seeds of Law’s Business Pack Lease enables you to outsource all the time-consuming tasks involved in collecting rent arrears, allowing you to get back to focusing your full attention on your core activities.

Stop mounting rental arrears
While you are focusing on your business, Seeds of Law goes after the unpaid rent
If the eviction of your tenant can no longer be avoided, this is carried out as swiftly and as efficiently as possible

With its Business Pack Lease, Seeds of Law collects all your rental fees wherever possible... But how does Seeds of Law go about things? 

It is quite simple ... You call on our services on a subscription basis.  

As soon as you have a tenant who is behind with the rent, you call us in and we take over from you, taking firm and swift action.

Your bad payer tenants are instantly summoned to pay. If necessary, we will instigate court proceedings. And if there is no other way, we will have them evicted. All of this is done in observance of defined, tried and tested procedures with set time scales.

You can rest safe in the knowledge that we will get the job done without you having to lift a finger. In short: your worries are over

Seeds of Law runs a multidisciplinary team with several years of hands-on experience in collecting rent arrears.

Business Pack Lease

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