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M&A Opportunities in the Energy Sector - January 2023

This new edition of the Corporate and M&A Magazine offers a comprehensive benchmarking analysis of the energy sector in Europe and the new trends for investments in this field. This edition also includes the most recent regulatory developments in Europe and European countries to be considered by the private equity players in their investments in the near future.

Secteur de l'énergie
Energie renouvelable
Corporate Law
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Transfer Pricing Tips

Depending on the given tax jurisdiction, if there is qualified ownership or control between enterprises belonging to a Multi-National Enterprise (MNE), the arm's-length principle (ALP) kicks-in to determine proper transfer prices in cross-border intra-group transactions.

transfer pricing
entreprise multinationale
principe de pleine concurrence
droit fiscal
Droit Social

Remote Work in Europe

Remote work is a rapidly growing trend in the European job market. Although the concept goes back more than 50 years, and in some European countries the issue was first regulated by law over 20 years ago, it has become far more widespread since the pandemic. Currently, the majority of employers realize that, sooner or later, remote, tele- or hybrid- work will unavoidably need to be implemented as a permanent solution rather than as an ad-hoc method of work in emergency situations (or whenever office work proves impossible).
Much has changed in the last two years, not only in the job market but also in the legislation of individual countries.
In this publication we seeks to shed greater light on the legal solutions currently implemented in 29 European countries, from the types of telework and the procedures for its implementation, through the obligations imposed on employers and the rights of employees to aspects of liability.
remote work
droit social
marché du travail
Droit Fiscal

Transfer Pricing Tips - May 2023

More and more companies – as well as their shareholders – recognize that the suc- cess of the society in which they operate is closely linked to their success. As a matter of fact, good corporate governance and responsible business practice require responsible tax behaviors. This helps mitigating tax risks and is in companies’ own long-term interest.

transfer pricing
transparency on Transfer Pricing
Droit Social

Employment of Managing Directors

When hiring managing directors who are legal representatives of a company, there are specific considerations and regulations that vary across European countries. The conditions of employment for managing directors differ from those applicable to employees, and they are shaped by both company law and labor regulations.

This guide focuses on the rules applicable mainly to limited liability companies (LLCs) in over 30 European countries. It does not discuss rules applicable to other types of companies, such as corporations, partnerships, etc. In the guide we describe the rules for the employment and/or appointment of managing directors who are also members of the company's bodies.

employment of director
tax liability
social liability
limited liability company

The EU Supply Chain Act 07-23

Last year, the European Commission introduced a draft Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CS3D), also known as the EU Supply Chain Act). Since then, significant progress has been made on the issue of conducting human rights and environmental due diligence processes, both within specific jurisdictions and at the European Union (EU) level. Several EU Member States have enacted or are in the process of enacting supply chain due diligence legislation.

loi européenne sur les chaînes de valeur
Supply chain act
chaînes de valeur
diligence raisonnable
devoir de diligence
diligence dans les chaînes de valeur
droits de l'Homme
Droit Social

European Employment Insights 09-23

We invite you to read in-depth employment information in the monthly Andersen Employment Insights newsletter. This newsletter provides an overview of the latest developments in employment law, guidelines, case law and collective agreements from various countries.

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