Maxiem Devos

Senior Counsel

Maxiem Devos is a member of the Corporate Law and M&A practice.

Maxiem Devos graduated in 2012 as Master in Laws at the University of Brussels. During his legal education he focused on tax law and corporate law. He wrote his master’s thesis on the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base.

For almost 2 years he was manager of his own e-commerce company (active in the food industry).

Maxiem has been active as a lawyer since August 2014. First at the bar of Ghent and since 2018 at the bar of Brussels.

At Seeds of Law he mainly works on corporate and commercial law in the broadest sense, with special attention to company law (dispute settlement, directors’ liability, mergers and acquisitions…) and contract law.

In 2016 he successfully completed his postgraduate degree (cum laude) in company law at the Brugge Business School.

He also followed a course to act as trustee in bankruptcy and liquidator.