Business Pack Corporate Housekeeping

Your company legally compliant at all times 

You want to make sure that your company complies with the latest changes in corporate laws and regulations?

In that case, Seeds of Law’s Business Pack Corporate Housekeeping will no doubt prove to be the ultimate solution for you!

Make sure the corporate legal house of your company remains compliant 

Given the increasingly complex nature of corporate laws and regulations, making sure your company remains legally compliant is a challenge in its own right for the legal departments of larger companies, let alone for small businesses. In addition to being highly time-consuming, it also requires mountains of painstaking paperwork.

Nonetheless, legal compliance is and remains extremely important. If not, as a company, you along with your directors and management risk running into all kinds of problems.

When it comes to running your company-legal administration, you will be glad to know that Seeds of Law is happy to be of assistance in this respect too.

Time to discover our Seeds of Law’ Business Pack Corporate Housekeeping.

Rest safe in the knowledge that the corporate legal side of your company is compliant while you focus on your business
Put an end to the risk of fines or proceedings against your company and its management
You can rely on an integrated, all-encompassing approach by our multidisciplinary team

Seeds of Law’s Business Pack Corporate Housekeeping

Your best travel companion for your corporate (ad)ventures

If you decide to sign up to our Business Pack Corporate Housekeeping, Seeds of Law puts together a bespoke subscription plan based on the sections for which you wish to call on our services.

In each section, Seeds of Law operates according to defined, tried and tested procedures and set time scales.

Seeds of Law works with a dynamic and multidisciplinary team of lawyers who have been looking after the corporate housekeeping of an established and loyal clientele for many years.

Discover the sections of Seeds of Law’s Business Pack Corporate Housekeeping

module 1

Section 1 - Corporate Secretarial A

As part of Section 1, each year Seeds of Law takes care of

  • the drafting of the relevant documents with a view to the adoption of the annual accounts, such as the minutes of the management board, the draft annual report and the minutes of the General Shareholders’ Meeting;
  • the appointment, dismissal, extension or renewal of members of the management bodies and/or of the statutory auditor at the Annual General Meeting.
module 2

Section 2 - Corporate Secretarial B

With Section 2, Seeds of Law completely unburdens your organisation from the need to spend time and resources on the administration of the register of shareholders and the corporate books of the company.

module 3

Section 3 - Corporate Secretarial C

With Section 3, Seeds of Law stores and administers your company books.

module 4

Section 4 - Corporate UBO

Under Section 4, Seeds of Law updates the UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) registration with each change or handles the annual UBO confirmation.

module 5

Section 5 - Corporate Compliance

Section 5 sees you entrust Seeds of Law with the entire package of your annual corporate law obligations.

module 6

Section 6 - Corporate Extra

Based on your input, our expert team is also available to deal with any other acts and/or actions of your corporate bodies relating to corporate events and affairs.

In that case, we look after your management agreements, shareholders agreements and special reports and make sure that amendments to your articles of association and subsequent publications thereof are perfectly executed.

Whenever you require a specific additional service, we will be happy to assist you.

Business Pack Corporate Housekeeping

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